artist’s statement

Marli on climbing frame, photography by LewisI received my first camera when I was six years old, which was part of an adventure set. I can remember walking around for hours with this device that didn’t even have film in it and capturing the images that I wanted through the framing of the camera and filing them in my head. I have been a student of photography ever since and I still find it as exciting as that first day.

As an artist I feel that I am on a journey to explore my own inner truth through a variety of subjects. These can be seen as the conduit that bridges my own perception of reality with the rest of the world, enabling me to communicate with those who care to view my work.

I have always been drawn to shape and form, and by focusing on a particular part of the subject, a new interesting point can emerge, separate from the whole.

I work almost exclusively on film and although I am very adept to using digital I feel that film still gives images a quality that digital can not.  As I see it art should not be about perfection because life isn’t about perfection.  Also as a photographer it is my job to capture images as they are set up or as they happen in the camera, on this site the images have not been changed or enhanced in any way.  This “moment in time” is why I began to take pictures and something that will always drive me forward.